About Us

The majority of individuals don't know how to pick the right clothes that match them. Imagine you have an individual stylist who will handpick finest clothes for the consumer based on the customer's body type and character choices.

When you sign up for Our Company, you will go through a brief 1-minute visual test that exposes your body type and design choices. You get instant suggestions from stylists on what will fit you, how to use them, and what to pair them with. If you like a product, you can acquire it for the lowest rate.

What powers Our Company is the first-of-its-kind personalization-on-steroids platform that comprehends the users, reveals them the best stylist recommendations, and personalizes the content and the presentation.

Our Vision

Garments decoration with bead work is another area where it in demand in the global market. Beads are used to prepare garlands and other accessory products like belts and bags and these patterns now available for haute couture evening wear too.

Our Mission

According to a study, in current times Indian women have given up their standard sari for western puts on like t-shirts and shorts, as they feel more comfortable in skirts and pants instead of saris and salwarkameez. It's been kept in mind that women spend just $165 million on pants and skirts versus 1.74 billion dollars invested by males on trousers. With more females coming out to work, the (combined) branded trouser and skirts market has actually been enhancing at a massive 27 per-cent in sales terms. Women feel that Western clothes are preferable, especially when working or utilizing public transportation. Numerous corporate workplaces are likewise in favor of their workers putting on Western wear.

Guaranteed Quality

In India, Western motivation is enhancing due to the influence of TELEVISION and movies. Going shopping malls selling branded clothing have also mushroomed in India and are remarkable the children. Just recently, designer wear is being promoted through store chains such as Shopper's Stop, Pantaloons, Westside, and so on. Businesses such as Raymond and TCNS have actually also set up their unique shops for designer wear such as B and W.