The market of India fashion industry

Recently, a report stated that the Indian fashion industry can increase from its net worth of Rs 200 crore to Rs 1,000 crore in the next 5 to 10 years. Presently, the around the world designer wear market is amounted at $35 billion, with a 9 per-cent growth rate, with the Indian fashion business creating barely 0.1 percent of the global industry's net worth.

According to approximations, the overall apparel market in India is calculated to be about Rs 20,000 crore. The branded apparel market's size is nearly one 4th of this or Rs 5,000 crore. Designer wear, in turn, covers almost about 0.2 per cent of the branded apparel market.

At present, the largest sales turnover within the designer wear segment is about Rs25 crore, with other widely known names having less turnovers of Rs10-15 crore. In view of the prospects of the Indian fashion industry for growth, the figures are not extremely hopeful.